Spotlight UX/UI 2015

2015-03-07 00:00:00 2015-03-08 00:00:00 America/Toronto Spotlight UX/UI 2015 Spotlight UX/UI Up next in the FITC Spotlight series, a day dedicated to UX/UI. Each of our speakers will be presenting targeted key information, skills and tools you need to push your abilities to the next level. Who should attend? This event is for those looking… Toronto FITC Toronto



Users are complex creatures, surprising, irrational, but to the Jedi among you, predictably so. This session will introduce you to the incredible field of behavioural economics, and how it is profoundly impacting our understanding of what motivates people.

You can sell more products, be more successful dating, understand how to make resolutions stick, wow clients with your incredible insights, and understand how interfaces need to be reimagined for motivation.

Of course, if you turn to the dark side like Frank Underwood, you can wield a powerful weapon of influence and possibly even become the next Prime Minister. I couldn’t possibly comment.


Provide the audience with some easily remembered Behavioural Economics principles to improve the success and conversion rates of experiences they design.

Target Audience

UX designers, information architects, product managers, copywriters, visual designers and agents of change.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

UX = User Experience


Five things audience members will learn

  1. Why you should raise your prices
  2. What language really converts more people
  3. How you can motivate users to desire product B
  4. How to rethink interfaces
  5. Why BE will play a bigger role in UX