Spotlight UX/UI 2015
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All too often, products are brought to market with a feature-first approach. A list of functions that are needed to meet business goals such as sign-ups or downloads, views or shares. There’s little thought that’s gone into who the user of the product will be, what their goals are, and what it will take to provide meaningful value to them.

We’ll look at what it means to bring a focused, valuable Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to market. An MVP that can help you learn how to better serve your users, and the business that’s footing the bill.


To understand that no great product began with a list of features. It’s the experience that engages users and drives adoption, so it’s the experience that you need to focus on when bringing a product to market.

Target Audience

Product Owners, Developers, Founders, UX/UI Designers.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

This should be a great introduction for folks who are thinking of bringing a product to market or are working on a product which isn’t quite connecting with its intended audience.

Five things audience members will learn

  1. Great digital products do just one thing really well.
  2. They serve a target that can’t live without that one thing.
  3. Features are a byproduct of the product experience—they don’t drive the experience.
  4. You need to deliver a focused MVP to market.
  5. Then learn from that MVP and continue to refine the experience for your users, and your business.