FITC Edmonton 2010
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Flash used to be fun. The code wasn’t pretty, but everyone – designers AND developers – were digging in and doing awesome, inspiring work. Then Flash grew up. It needed to grow up, but it did so in a way that blocked a lot of designers and other “creatives” from following. You had to have a real background in programming to even get started.

That’s where HYPE comes in – it’s a creative coding framework that makes ActionScript 3 easier and more productive for everyone. It provides both a set of tools for making many difficult and painful tasks easier and a framework to help bring new ideas to life. HYPE does this by defining a set of simple concepts (like “code over time” and “a collection of objects” ) and then making the way you work with those concepts simple, consistent, and easily extensible.

In this session, Branden (developer and co-creator, along with Joshua Davis) will introduce attendees to HYPE – what it gives you, how it was built, how to use it, and how you can leverage it for both play and work.