Web Unleashed 2024 // Online

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Imagine if we could blur the lines between a streamer being live and offline on Twitch. What if we could create a world where people could interact with a live stream, not just when it’s live but when it’s offline as well? What if we could create a game that people could play on a stream, and what if that game didn’t stop when the stream ends?

Taking inspiration from music, education, and the thrill of live performance, Entertainment as Code redefines Twitch live coding streams. It showcases how you can create a live coding show on Twitch that is fun, entertaining (and a little bit addictive), not just through the code you write _on_ the stream, but through the code you write _for_ the stream.


To showcase a unique approach to live coding streams on Twitch.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  • -How to make live coding streams a fun and entertaining live show
  • How to make your audience feel a part of the live show
  • How to keep people engaged with your live stream when you’re not live
  • How bugs can be great features
  • How much fun you can have with code if you don’t take it too seriously

Target Audience