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Drones have gained recreational and commercial popularity in recent years. As a result, they have also flown into some legal grey areas. This presentation examines the legal implications of the use of drones to observe the ground below. It will discuss the regulation of drones in Canada, and specifically consider what the proliferation of the technology might mean for expectations of privacy in public. Drones highlight some of the challenges for the legal protection of privacy in a context of emerging robotic technologies, but can also help us to identify the foundations upon which to develop a more robust understanding of privacy, and a fruitful framework for the regulation of socially-beneficial robotic technologies.


This presentation explores how emerging uses of drone technology challenge us to rethink some of our existing legal principles, in particular, expectations of privacy in public places. It will explain the regulation of drones in Canada, and prompt the audience to consider how robotic technologies – in particular the drone – can intersect with, challenge and inspire the Canadian legal system.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in the use and regulation of drones in Canada and/or how transformative robotic technologies intersect with the law.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  • Drone applications
  • Who regulates drones in Canada and how
  • Canada’s current and upcoming drone laws
  • Canadian privacy laws
  • How these privacy laws apply to drones