Create More Better Different

2012-06-21 00:00:00 2012-06-22 00:00:00 America/Toronto Create More Better Different Warning: this may change the way you work and play. Jason Theodor, Creative Director, will help you create a customized method for breaking through your creative barriers and into uncharted territory— all in the ‘safe’ confines of this creativity workshop. Discover your creative type. Learn how to strengthen your creative weaknesses. Whether you’re a programmer, graphic… Toronto FITC Toronto



Creativity Defined:

  • explore the three elements that make up creativity: Action, Connection, and Deviation

The Eight Creative Types:

  • self-identify your type from 8 archetypes
  • discover your creative strengths and weaknesses
  • learn how to work with the right people to create the best work

Creative Toolkits:

  • picks and dynamite: Learn about Action. Learn the tools for breaking through barriers of inertia, fear, doubt, procrastination, and distraction. Learn how to ideate quickly and push for a large quantity of ideas.
  • lassos and mortar: Learn about Connection. Learn the tools for finding focus, for uncovering understanding, for telling a bigger story. Learn how to connect ideas, how to stay true to the core while foraging in the fringes, how to look for quality.
  • lenses and blindfolds: Learn about Deviation. Learn the tools for thinking laterally, for breaking free from your defaults, for being an original, an outlier. Learn how to insert randomness, learn from serendipity, and find uniqueness.

After this session you will have discovered your Creative Type. You will know how to strengthen your creative weaknesses.

Whether you’re a programmer, graphic artists, musician, entrepreneur, or all of the above, you will know how to act fast, find a focus, and disrupt old patterns of thinking. Leave with your own personalized toolkit to give you a creative edge in the age of ideas.