Spotlight: AngularJS
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In the early days of the web, pages were static, users couldn’t contribute content, and almost all logic resided on a server. Today, users expect web sites to be interactive and responsive which has given rise to client side frameworks like AngularJS that are capable of providing a richer user experience.

Firebase is a backend solution designed to put all the power into your client side framework’s hands. It allows your client app to control many aspects of your site that would traditionally be done from the server. Firebase manages your entire backend and provides it to you as a service so you can focus on writing client side apps. It also makes it extremely easy to sync data in real time between your users and the server.

In this session you’ll get a feel for what it’s like to build a web site with Firebase and Angular using their officially supported integration (AngularFire). By the end, you’ll know how to handle things like authentication, authorization, database queries, file hosting, and real time data with Firebase and Angular.


This session will be targeted at intermediate JavaScript developers. Some intermediate experience with Angular would also be a plus but no experience with Firebase will be required.