Spotlight Design Ethics
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When designing at the speed of product cycles today, we aren’t incentivized to fix mistakes after a delivery. When management takes an “onto the next thing” mindset, we must shift from being reactive to proactive to make sure the outcomes reflect our values.

By including ethics from the start of our process, designers can facilitate meaningful value alignment across teams. Using a variety of design thinking and research methods, teams can reduce bias in what gets shipped and anticipate long term, unintended consequences.


Provide a “why” behind ethics and inspire attendees to apply methods aimed to reduce bias at the earliest stages of product design.

Target Audience

Designers, developers, managers, product teams

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. The role and impact of ethics in design
  2. Problems in product design that prevent values-driven decision making
  3. How to bring ethics to the front end of the design process
  4. Frameworks for ethical decision making
  5. Facilitation activities to anticipate outcomes, build scenarios, etc.