Spotlight AI

2023-07-27 00:00:00 2023-07-28 00:00:00 America/Toronto Spotlight AI Join us for a full day of sessions on AI for the digital creative industry. Online FITC ET Online



Imagine a world where non-coding creative professionals have the power to turn their wildest product and tool ideas into reality. Thanks to the transformative nature of Large Language Models (LLMs), this world is closer than ever: the digital creative industry is witnessing a revolution in product prototyping and development like never before. Polly Allen successfully launched the first Generative AI answers on Alexa in 2020 and witnessed firsthand the seismic impact of LLMs on the creative process. In this presentation, attendees will explore the revolutionary possibilities that arise when non-coding professionals harness the power of LLMs to build their own prototypes. Let’s delve into the implications and opportunities of this emerging trend for the digital creative industry. Through real-world examples and practical insights, we will discuss the risks, rewards, and transformative potential of incorporating LLMs into creative process. Get ready to discover how AI can empower non-coders to bring their visions to life and create groundbreaking tools and experiences.


Inspire and educate creative professionals in art, design, and technology about the promise and capabilities of non-coding professionals building their own prototypes using LLMs.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. How Large Language Models are changing the software development process, and making building accessible to non-coding professionals
  2. The main use case categories for LLM-based products and tools
  3. Real-world examples of successful AI-powered prototypes created by non-coders
  4. Examples of no-code tools that can help non-coders build their own AI tools
  5. Key considerations and risks associated with using LLMs in the creative process, along with strategies to mitigate them

Target Audience

Creative professionals in art, design, and tech seeking to explore the potential of building tools with AI and LLMs, with an interest in learning how non-coding professionals can build their own prototypes and embrace AI-powered innovation.