FutureWorld Exhibitors

We’re going to have a ton of cool exhibits for you to check out at the event.

Bot Camp is a summer robotics day camp for students aged 10-14.  It is similar to a sports camp, except you will build robots to play sports. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never built a robot before, or if you’re an experienced pro. We have a robotic sports challenge just for you!

New Life Robotics is a company that is dedicated to bringing robotics education into the mainstream, for children of all ages as well as the general public. Technology is moving at a furious pace and we have a responsibility to give the next generation the tools and skills necessary to allow them to be successful. New Life Robotics can provide educators those tools.

Little Robot Friends are fun, expressive robots for learning code and electronics. Designed for curious minds age 7 and up, these robot characters start as a fun toy and transform into a technology learning tool as you play. Little Robot Friends express themselves both visually, through their light-up eyes, as well as musically through their speaker mouths. By programming a Little Robot Friend you customize exactly how it behaves. Every robot is a unique character just waiting to be created!

We’re excited to have R2-E3 at the event thanks to Steven Schwartzentruber, owner and operator. “Building R2-E3 was both challenging and rewarding,” says Steve. “There were some days when I thought it would never get finished. Although he is never truly finished, I got to the point where I considered him presentable after two years and two weeks.”

Tréxō Robotics is building the first ever exoskeleton device to help children with disabilities learn to walk.

Sunil John is a member of the BB-8 builders club, a group devoted to building BB-8 replicas.
‘While the R2-D2 I’ve always wanted to build has seemed out of reach due to lack of space and expensive tools, BB-8 has been more accessible and a good entry point into droid building. I started my build in January 2016. 8 months later, I can say he’s a “wiggler” with aspirations of rolling one day. ”

teaBOT is a new type of retail platform built for serving customized grab-and-go tea in under 30 seconds.

Our self serve kiosks allow customers to personalize their tea by mixing up to 3 of our 18 tea and herbal ingredients. We even let the consumer select their water temperature, flavour strength and choose ingredients based on caffeine levels – all using a touch screen interface.

Robot Playtime engages young learners (K-12 students) in robotics and computer science. Their platform, Pixel, transforms a smartphone to a programmable robot, allowing you to create your own intelligent robot capable of doing anything you desire with no prior experience. Their mission is to lower the barrier of entry to programming and robotics, and raise the bar of what’s achievable by children and beginners.