FutureWorld 2018 Exhibitors

We’re going to have a ton of cool exhibits for you to check out at the event.

BotBrawl is Ontario’s only robot fighting league where robot builds from across North America join in battle using custom designed and home built robots. We pit robots against one another in a gladiatorial battle to the death in our specially constructed arena. Design. Build. Fight Do you have what it takes to build a champion? Join the league today!

Space-REX is a project that uses Artificial Intelligence / Neural Networks to predict the “Palermo Technical Impact Hazard Scale” for the collision of an asteroid with Earth. The system then converts the values of this scale into musical notes which would then be used to blink lights at the appropriate frequency on a custom designed hardware for displaying Asteroid data.

Little Robot Friends are fun, expressive robots for learning code and electronics. Designed for curious minds age 7 and up, these robot characters start as a fun toy and transform into a technology learning tool as you play. Little Robot Friends express themselves both visually, through their light-up eyes, as well as musically through their speaker mouths. By programming a Little Robot Friend you customize exactly how it behaves. Every robot is a unique character just waiting to be created!

Robot Playtime
engages young learners (K-12 students) in robotics and computer science. Their platform, Pixel, transforms a smartphone to a programmable robot, allowing you to create your own intelligent robot capable of doing anything you desire with no prior experience. Their mission is to lower the barrier of entry to programming and robotics, and raise the bar of what’s achievable by children and beginners.

Ontario Science Center
• Jackbot – a wood robot on wheels with wood pucks Visitors can insert to program its actions
• Drawdio – a hacked speaker with which multiple Visitors create a circuit and make weird noises.
• Zoetrope – Visitors create their own paper ‘movie’, illustrating brain phenomenon persistence of vision and how we made movies before CGI.
• Lightning round: in 30 seconds, name all the things in your life replaced by your phone. In 30 seconds, imagine what else could be replaced.