Thierry has diligently been exploring and working in various visual and media disciplines, on a diverse and mixed array of projects such as video installations, narrative films, interactive cinema, new media design, and photography. Conducting both commissioned and self-produced projects, and being interdisciplinary, Thierry shares his time between filmmaking, photography, interactive design, reading, writing, drawing and traveling.

As a filmmaker, he is currently finishing a feature-length nonverbal nonfiction film titled “20-22: OMEGA” ( which, in a pure cinematic form, examines the new epoch of planet Earth’s history, that is the Anthropocene and the Posthumans.

As a new media designer and storyteller, he is working on the long-format interactive film titled “A Man and A Woman” ( which tells the story of a young couple while exploring love and lives together and apart, as well as the cyclic nature of love relationships. The story is augmented by interactive narrative elements.

To discover his work further, please visit his web site: