At 15 years old, Samarth has dove deep into the realm of nanotechnology. He has worked with a nanotechnology startup based in Toronto over the summer in a Lab and has built up his expertise in this industry by simulating various nanoparticles, nano materials and even self assembling structures on the nano scale which are all targeted towards solving some of the biggest problems and roadblocks with preventive medicine today. Some of his projects include: self assembling proteins to cure all diseases, self assembling fullerenes for drug delivery, and silicon nitride nano-materials to sequence DNA 10x more effectively than current methods!

Apart from nanotechnology, he is very active in the human longevity space, currently, he is working on figuring out how to leverage our biomarkers such as the genome, proteome and metabolome and utilize them for early stage disease and cancer detection! Apart from his passion with exponential sciences, in his free time, Samarth loves to play basketball.