Manal Siddiqui is a systems change strategist currently working on growing Canada’s position as a globally significant voice in the responsible stewardship of AI and digital technologies within the metaverse and web 3.0. In doing so, she hopes to progress society’s understanding of how technological advancements can drive strategic business value and policy decisions to positively impact fairer, safer, and more inclusive global communities.

Before joining Accenture’s Responsible Metaverse practice, Manal operated as Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Transitional Forms, an interactive media startup in Toronto pioneering the future of intelligent entertainment. Prior to that, she helped build foundational operations for the Vector Institute, one of the premier machine learning and AI research institutes in the world and home to over 500 of Canada’s AI researchers.

Manal hails from Pakistan and lives in Toronto with her husband and two children. She holds a Master of Laws degree in Technology Innovation from the University of Toronto and a Master of Sciences in Management from the Bayes Business School, City of London. She is also certified in Health Law (Osgoode Hall Law School, Canada) and International Law and AI (T.M. Asser Institute, Netherlands).