Jared is a futurist, creative technologist and a partner at argodesign. He has been designing with technology for over a decade, focusing on innovative or unique interaction models, especially those involving interesting inputs like touch, multi-touch, voice or gesture.

His philosophy is “think by making” and has designed products for clients like HP, Microsoft, AT&T, LG, SanDisk, Motorola and more.

For many years, Jared directed the SXSW Interactive opening party – also known as the frog party – which served as an outlet for both interactive installations and a collective social experiment. He currently directs the Think By Making party for MakerFaire Austin every May for the same purpose.

He is also the co-director of the Austin Public Skatepark Action Committee and an evangelist for the cable car based mass transport vision known as The Wire. His passion for sound visualization has led to him being the first person to bring live fire onto the TED stage in his talk “Eyes Can Hear”.