Jacob Robinson is the Director of Web Presence for Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE), a recognized worldwide leader in massively multiplayer online games, with millions of gamers around the globe having enjoyed the company’s products over the years.

Jacob Robinson has been creating and producing web sites for the Interactive Entertainment Industry for the past 10 years, bringing along with him extensive experience from all types of industry categories including game peripherals (Mad Catz/GameShark), publishing (SOE, Atari), online gaming services (Mplayer/GameSpy) and creative agency (FirstWeb).

Some of the game related sites he has worked on have included Unreal Brands, Quake III Arena, Aliens vs Predator, Star Wars: Galaxies, The Matrix Online, Rainbow Six, Drakan, Baldur’s Gate II, No One Lives Forever, Deus Ex, EverQuest Brands, Untold Legends and Mplayer’s Xtreme Network; only to name a small portion of more than 250 sites created.