Iv├ín Cavero Belaunde, a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has had a long career creating innovative technology solutions. Co-recipient of a 2006 Emmy Award for Flash Video, he’s been at Adobe and Macromedia since 2004, where he works in its Advanced Technology Group turning academic research into new products and technologies as Senior Productization Engineer, Lead, most recently on Photoshop CS5’s Content-Aware Fill. He previously led innovation in Flash-based imaging as Photoshop.com’s RIA Architect, and helped lead the web video revolution as Flash Video Architect, revamping Flash Pro’s video capabilities since Flash 7. Before Adobe, he created some of the pioneering video-editing systems for personal computers, including Avid VideoShop and Avid Cinema, and the first web browser plug-in for embedded video playback, ViewMovie fro QuickTime. A native of Peru, he makes a mean ceviche, has been known to enjoy a cigar and a fine scotch with friends, and loves to travel whenever he gets an excuse such as FITC can provide. He lives in San Francisco.