Since his childhood, Kondo has been enthusiastic in computer programming, video games and instruments, especially synthesizer.

Winning a prize in a music contest motivated him into pursuing his current professional career.

His stellar career began at CAPCOM CO., LTD, a game software developer.

Throughout his 13-year tenure with Capcom, Kondo has built his reputation as a sound technician holding in an array of office that are; audio designer, audio programmer and audio director. He also contributed to many of Capcom’s most notable works, such as “Street Fighter Alpha series,” “Resident Evil series,” “Devil May Cry series ” “Monster Hunter series “.

Kondo has changed his place to exhibit his skills to Dolby, the globally recognized company for its theatre/voice/audio technologies, in 2006.

He has been focusing on promoting and introducing Dolby’s latest Surround Sound technology in the video game industry. As well as his services in the video game industry, Kondo managed in marketing for PC, smart phones and online business. He now takes charge of the technical marketing of E-Media Games team.

He has currently been at his task in promoting Dolby’s audio technology for digital contents.