With a background in interaction design, visual and product design, Danny Stillion currently serves as a Design Director at IDEO. Working with a variety of interdisciplinary teams, Danny actively focuses on content excellence through doing and learning, communicating, looking and sharing. He has worked across a wide range of project areas including transportation, telecommunications, medical, consumer products, computer-supported group work environments, online application design and services innovation.

Prior to joining IDEO in 1996, Danny was an Assistant Professor teaching interaction design and digital media courses and an interaction design consultant. Danny holds several interface and product design patents. His work and perspective have been featured in The Museum of Modern Art (New York), I.D. Magazine, BusinessWeek, ACM Interactions, the IDSA Industrial Design Excellence Awards and the Macworld exposition.

Work at IDEO includes human machine interaction design for automobiles, interaction design for IDEO’s Technology Forecasting Project 2010, the redesign of IDEO’s website, the eyemodule user interface, First to File’s on-line intellectual property management system, Cisco’s Telecaster business phone product line, self-service ticketing kiosk work for British Airways, defibrillator interaction design for S&W medical, Midwest Dental, strategic innovation work for the Medtronic Link project, and interaction design for the Steelcase Neocon 1998 Globe interface that focused of facilitating group work. Over the past several years, Danny has been involved with an increasing number of branding and web-based projects at strategic and implementation levels.

Danny holds a Master of Product Design degree from the School of Design at North Carolina State University and a BA degree in Fine Art from Furman University.