Cool Shit is the Internet in real life.

In 2013 Danger Dave and his wife Soraia realized the world was missing something, a giant inflatable sculpture of Lionel Richie’s Head. Ambitious as it might sound, they decided to fund this crazy idea on Kickstarter. And it worked!

They backed it up with full print Lionel Richie tees as prizes. The internet went crazy. The campaign was successful and the orders continued. They kept making tees until Lionel lawyers kindly asked us to stop. Sorry Lionel.

But it was too late. Cool Shit was born and they’ve been making inflatable sculptures and limited edition capsules from their studio in Lisbon ever since.

Their work has been featured in the Paper Magazine, Vice and The Guardian. Cool Shit sculptures have been exhibited in New York, Miami Beach, London, Paris and continue to travel.

But Cool Shit is bigger than Danger Dave and his wife Soraia. Cool Shit is an artistic movement. It’s a breeding ground for the next generation of artists, photographers, designers and creators. It’s a place for the rule breakers. A place for the noisy ones and the risk takers.