Gairard arrived at SpecialGuest after spending the last decade at creative agencies and production companies such as W+K, 180, Pulse Films, and most recently Johannes Leonardo, where he served as head of integrated production for the past three years. During his career, Gairard has worked on global campaigns for Adidas, producing the apparel brand’s memorable “Impossible is Nothing” campaign and more recently, the Future campaign for Adidas Originals, and has also collaborated with top-tier clients such as Chipotle “Back to Start” and Coca-Cola Music.

With the move to SpecialGuest, Gairard relishes an opportunity to move beyond a prescriptive approach of advertising. His distinguishing belief is the best ideas come from a tightly-knit collaboration between makers, strategic thinkers and clients. In times of uncertainty, businesses tend toward caution and conservatism and the instinct is to rein everything in. Creativity gets stifled and makers feel frustrated and trapped. SpecialGuest has tapped into an approach that reinvigorates the creative process and it couldn’t come at a better time in a world that is increasingly focused on speed, agility and innovation.