Cat Adalay is a serial entrepreneur and an avid technology creator. She attended Queen’s University studying mechanical engineering, and it was there that she first connected with a variety of creating technologies and developed her first products. From products to programs, Cat founded the Creator Movement and launched the Creator Program aimed at bridging the gap between ideas and opportunity and mentoring others to develop the skills, network and support they need to create technological innovations through entrepreneurship.


Cat has been working with local entrepreneur, Ashley Greene, on a new turbine they believe could revolutionize the energy industry. She is also the owner and founder of Create 3D, formerly Adalay 3D, a company that utilizes and sells 3D printing technology.


In November, Cat will be joining the team at Thinking Robot Studios, as Lead of Innovation & Creator Programs in the company’s MakerCITY division. MakerCITY was established to optimize the full potential of concentrated Advanced Manufacture technologies to supply on-demand prototype/manufacturing services and to nurture an ecosystem of creativity, innovation, and commercialization.