Burgess is the wizard behind the curtain. As he watched the art of the graphic novel dying, he wanted to pay tribute to the medium that gave him so much inspiration. During this time, he was working as a Producer for entertainment software giant Electronic Arts, but after three years, he opted out and decided to give substance to his story.

Using savings to keep the dream moving forward, he teamed up with two young friends who were prodigies in the fields of art and technology. With their combined talents, Burgess’ story of four very different protagonists answering a “spiritual call-to-arms” became something much more and it became Broken Saints. Having completed the online series in July 2003, he is currently negotiating to bring the property to exciting new mediums from DVD to next generation videogame consoles.

Before working at Electronic Arts producing and consulting for the million+ selling Need for Speed franchise, Burgess’ background in journalism, advertising, theatre, film, and poetry prepared him for his current challenge. Holding an Honours BA in Communication and English from the University of Windsor, he is now entering into a new phase of profound humility, where he prefers to let the work speak for itself.