Amit Pitaru (b.1974) is an Artist, Composer, Software Designer and Educator. Pitaru writes software to facilitate his work and research in the fields of audio-visual art, print and interaction/usability design. Pitaru has exhibited and performed concerts worldwide. His personal and collaborative work with James Paterson (via has recently been shown at the London Design Museum, Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), Paris Pompidou Center, Sundance Film festival the Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, and GGG Tokyo.

Pitaru is a member of the ‘Processing’ developer team, specifically implementing the platform’s sound synthesis capabilities. As an educator, Pitaru develops curriculums that focus on the coupling of computation-design and creative thought process. He currently teaches at Pratt Institute and New York University’s ITP. Pitaru is a recipient of various prestigious awards, including the Ars Electronica Prix and Tokyo Type Directors Club awards.

Born in Jerusalem, Pitaru currently resides in New York with his wife Makiko.