Ali Phi (b. 1986, Tehran, Iran) is a computer artist & creative technologist with a background in environmental engineering sciences & experimental cinematic arts. His experiences in media arts started with the project ‘Elemaun’ in 2008 by audio-visual performances.

The flow of his works is based on programming, generative audio-visual design,  interactive media & immersive environment installations which depict the relation between geometry, science, light, poetry and their transformations in computer & interaction with humans.

He is the founder of ‘NULLSIGHT’, a media art collective & design studio in Tehran and freelance festival curator of ‘TADAEX’, a remarkable new media arts festival in the region started in 2011.

He has performed and exhibited his works in international festivals like Ars Electronica, Tasmeem Doha, Mutek AE & Patchlab, as well as more than 20 group exhibitions, 5 solo shows and several media art installations in public spaces.