The RBC Diversity Program

Diversity has been part of RBC’s DNA since its foundation, and RBC’s D&I journey is an important part of their 150+ year history. The values which underpin their approach to diversity and inclusion are rooted in an important, fundamental belief: our differences make us stronger. D&I is also a critical component of RBC’s overarching focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) priorities which are integrated throughout their strategy and operations in order to create meaningful value and harness the power of RBC’s Purpose. RBC’s D&I strategy has three key pillars: to advance diversity, strengthen inclusion, and enable economic growth. RBC also believes that diversity and inclusion together are an engine for innovation and economic prosperity.  As Canada’s biggest bank, and a top global financial institution, RBC is committed to playing a leadership role in accelerating a more inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous future.

What is the RBC Diversity Program?

This diversity program consists of 100 complimentary in-person and online tickets for underrepresented groups to attend the Web Unleashed 2023 conference on October 14-16, 2023. 

  • Must agree to follow our code of conduct
  • This program is aimed at those who are unable to secure a ticket through their company, or unable to afford a ticket themselves.
  • Applications close on October 10, 2023




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If it exists in tech, it exists at RBC. As Canada’s largest bank, our purpose is to help clients thrive and communities prosper. From artificial intelligence to APIs to cloud, our diverse tech experts apply imagination and insights to cutting-edge technology to create products, services and solutions that improve human experiences.

RBC is Hiring!

The future is full of possibilities. ​​​​​​Just imagine what comes next.


All personal information collected from applicants will only be reviewed by the staff of FITC, and will never be shared with anyone or made public. We are bound by/in compliance with the Canadian Privacy Act, and treat all personal information with the utmost respect and confidentiality. Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of judges with names and personal information removed.  Top submissions may be showcased online, or during the event, with personal information removed unless otherwise granted by the individual.  By applying for the scholarship you consent to the above, and to receive emails from FITC, including current and future event information and notifications.


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