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Note: This full-day hands-on workshop will be on Thursday Sept 12 from 10am to 5pm and requires a WORKS or a WORKSHOP only ticket to attend.

With the advent of ES6 (aka ES2015) a few years back, the log jam holding back improvements to the JS language design was finally unstuck. But with it came a flood of new language features, into an already overwhelmingly crowded and fragmented ecosystem of JS tools and frameworks. And JS changes just keep coming and coming. For many, this pace of change can be very intimidating and frustrating.

In this workshop, we’ll explore a variety of features added to JS from ES6 to present (ES2019), and try to get a sense of what parts we should be paying closest attention to. You can’t learn everything — it all changes too fast. But you can get in the flow of the language as it evolves, and that’s what this workshop will guide you through.

Topics covered include

  • Destructuring
  • Template literals
  • Iterators + generators
  • Array.includes
  • String padding / trimming
  • Async-await
  • Async generators/iteration
  • Regexp improvements
  • Array.flat/flatMap


Catch up on recent additions to JavaScript from ES6/ES2015 to present.

Target Audience

Full-time JavaScript developers

Assumed Audience Knowledge

2+ years of JavaScript experience (intermediate skill level).

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. Nitty gritty details of array and object destructuring patterns
  2. Declarative string interpolation with custom tags
  3. Iteration protocol and declarative iteration with generators
  4. Concurrency patterns with async/await functions and async generators
  5. Regular expression advancements

To bring

Laptop with modern web dev environment (editor, modern browser)