FITC San Francisco 2010

2010-08-17 00:00:00 2010-08-20 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC San Francisco 2010 FITC San Francisco is the ONLY event in the world to bring together Colin Moock, Yugo Nakamura, Jared Ficklin, Erik Natzke, Kyle Cooper, Jeremy Clark from WIRED Mag, Kevin Lynch, Ben Fry and over 60 other presenters all under one roof. With the most unique… San Francisco FITC San Francisco



Note that this workshop is offered on the Pre-Festival Workshop Day (Aug 16) and therefore is only available to those who have ‘The Works’ or the ‘Pre-Festival Workshop’ ticket.

All the way from Brighton UK, Flash games specialist and Papervision3D team member Seb Lee-Delisle puts the fun back into Flash with this brand new one-day game programming course suitable for beginners or advanced Flash programmers alike.

We’ll give you the base code for many game engines including Space Invaders, Asteroids, a top down driving game, 3D Pong, soccer shootout and a platform game engine, as well as a simple framework for putting your apps together.

Several case studies from his team at Plug-in Media with be reviewed in detail, including Extreme Pamplona (Sure for Men), Nev’s Jambuster (BBC) and LunarLander3D.

Computer Policy:
To keep prices this low, this workshop is bring-your-own-laptop.

Feedback from this workshop run in Brighton: 

Overall approval rating: 97.78%

“The course was awesome, it was fun and informative. I found the actual code easy enough to understand and all the explanations were in simple plain terms and I left feeling like I learned a lot. Thank you!”

“Seb is a great teacher and somehow has the ability to make complex concepts seemingly simple and easy to understand. The course is presented in a sociable and relaxed manner and covers a range of classic arcade game examples.”

“I really enjoyed it, the best bit being that it reinvigorated my initial interest in Flash as a platform – it’s great fun.”

“The course was a huge confidence builder. I now feel fully equipped to start creating my own games… you’ve taken away all the stumbling blocks… now I can concentrate on the creative side of games programming.” – Nicola Birtwhistle, attendee from Brighton workshops

Presented by:
Rich Media Institute