Web Unleashed 2015
Web Dev
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Anyone can put up a website now with WordPress, but not everyone can design it. This isn’t just about what colours to use, or what font to choose. What about organizing the information on it? How do you make it easier for the people you’re designing it for to manage their site?

Everyone knows how to set up a menu to filter down your selection to a single post, but what about a non-linear approach? What if there is more than one way to find that piece of information? What if that information has multiple masks that it wears? Enter Taxonomies and Facets.

This talk will demonstrate how to lead users to what they are looking for using FacetsWP, including the philosophy behind using taxonomies to guide users to the information that they seek.


Setting up a large informational site using FacetsWP

Assumed Audience Knowledge

Understanding of information architecture and standard menus

Five things audience members will learn

  1. Creating the information architecture for your informational site
  2. Planning out your taxonomies
  3. Setting up FacetsWP
  4. Implementing your strategy on the WordPress installation
  5. How to customize the experience for site administrators, not just the end users of the website