FITC Toronto 2016

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Title sequence design is an art form at the nexus of filmmaking, graphic design, and marketing. In this talk, Lola Landekic and Will Perkins of Art of the Title will explore the vast, beautiful, and under-appreciated field of title design – from its origins at the beginning of the film industry, through its golden ages and renaissances, into the explosion of television, and its recent spread into video games, conferences, and beyond. We will explore how this craft has influenced others, how titles can move a project into iconic territory, and the possibilities for the medium. How is title design expanding and breathing new life into our most powerful stories?

Join us for a stunning look at 100 years of title design, across various mediums and technologies, and the pioneering men and women behind it all.


Give attendees a deeper understanding of the interconnected worlds of branding, graphic design, and filmmaking; have them look at film and television in an entirely new way; and approach their branding projects with deeper purpose.

Target Audience

Industry leaders, designers, artists, filmmakers, game developers, storytellers, conference organizers.

Five things audience members will learn

  1. What title sequences are and how they work
  2. Who the legends of the industry are
  3. How understanding title design can open your eyes to producing better creative work
  4. How taking a holistic approach to title design can elevate an experience
  5. What the future holds for the artform, and how to make waves in it