FITC Toronto 2009

2009-04-25 00:00:00 2009-04-29 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Toronto 2009 Now in its 8th year, FITC Toronto is one of the largest and longest running events of its kind in the world. Toronto FITC Toronto



Large scale projects can be a daunting task involving upwards of 30 to 50 individuals in the creative process, from concept, to design, to development and then to delivery of a flash showcase site, such as the “Brilliant” site for Adobe. The first half of this presentation will walk through several early hurdles and the necessity of developing a tool that allowed multiple individuals and teams to transfer 2D designs natively into Papervision 3D. The project, is slated to be translated into 22 languages world wide.

The second half of the presentation will look at the current incarnation of the 3D application, VizualPv3d. Tools developed internally by agencies are usually never seen by the public. Often they slide away, unseen and unused. This tool had great potential because it allowed creatives to work within Flash visually in 3D, and natively within Papervision. Rather than let this app slide away into obscurity, it was redeveloped with a new interface and a few additional features to help others develop in 3D.


Developers and Designer/Developers interested in creating projects in Papervision 3D (AS3) and information on visual tools and insights that could help you accomplish your creative vision.


Insight into the development process of large scale projects plus a first hand demonstration on VizualPv3d, a 3D authoring tool that can help you develop natively within Papervision 3D.