FITC Mobile 2009

2009-09-13 00:00:00 2009-09-15 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Mobile 2009 Jam packed with information as well as a massive networking opportunity, FITC Mobile 2009 consists of presentations, demonstrations, and panel discussions, and is one of the only events in the world covering all aspects of mobile content. With some of the most interesting and engaging… Toronto FITC Toronto



The constraints, as well as the inherent benefits, of small screen Mobile computing is pushing the discipline of User Experience farther and faster than any other technological advancement in recent history – demanding more of its practitioners as consumers demand more from their devices. Because of Mobile’s unique challenges, a complete understanding of User Experience is required now more than ever before, one that not only describes the role of user experience design, but also the tangible and intangible forces that define the experience a user has with an interactive product in a mobile context.

This session will review the concept of “holistic” User Experience, defining the interrelationship between users, products, environments and contexts of use, how they differ when applied to Mobile products as opposed to desktop/ stationary interactive products, and how to exploit holistic user experience in order to create more engaging, powerful and meaningful mobile products.

Who this presentation is for:
Interaction designers, graphic designers, developers, and anyone who is, or is looking to get involved with interactive Mobile products. A basic understanding of User Experience is recommended, but not required. What attendees will take from this presentation:
Attendees will gain a better understanding of holistic User Experience, the factors that characterize its application on Mobile, and how to apply its concepts in their products today.