FITC Toronto 2013

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Everything I’ve learned that feels worth while has been through the exercise mistake-making—of trial and error, more often error. And most adventures and experiences that have felt as though they contain those sublime kernels of meaning have been through venturing into a space where failure is not only a possibility, but a probability.
I’m a self-taught illustrator. I discovered very quickly that I’d given myself a complex that I wasn’t doing it “the right way” and that some day someone was going to catch me. Furthermore, I’ve always struggled with the feeling of being “good enough”—both completely useless terms, if you ask me. I’ve struggled all my life with sitting with the feeling of vulnerability. It’s frustrating, it’s terrifying, and it’s liberating if you let it. If I’m an expert on anything, it’s fucking up (I say that with only a smirking tinge of self-deprecation). I’d like to share the stories behind my work process and explain why I believe the beauty lies in the f*ck ups, the blemishes, the incongruous, and the honesty—in our work, in our personal lives, and in our ability to be creative with others.