FITC Toronto 2016

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If it weren’t so important, and as some VIP once said — “the final platform” — VR could well be the topic most likely to elicit an eyeroll right now. It’s everywhere! And they mean sooo everywhere, it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. So this panel promises not to use words like presence, immersion, storytelling, or interaction unless they are actually talking about HOW to achieve presence, HOW to create immersion, HOW to tell a story and HOW to design successful interactions in VR. This panel will be for those who have already donned a variety of HMDs and may have even made one or two VR experiences themselves. This is where the esteemed makers will share at least 3 major fails and 1 major insight.


To get down to brass tacks in terms of HOW to create a compelling, successful VR experience.

Target Audience

Intermediate to advanced immersive designers

Assumed Audience Knowledge

Knowledge of HMDs, gaming engines, 360 cameras and workflows, and have experienced VR

Three things audience members will learn

  1. What not to do in making VR
  2. What may work in achieving presence in VR
  3. How the tension between interaction and immersion may be resolved in VR

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