FITC Amsterdam 2017

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With a staff of 15, the Vancouver- and Melbourne-based Sequence Group may be considered a small animation studio. Nevertheless, the team delivers high-end work the likes of Disney, Marvel and Microsoft on a regular basis. In this talk, founder and creative director Ian Kirby will discuss Sequence’s nimble approach to huge projects, from the tools they use to the importance of establishing what clients want, and who the key decision makers are, early in the game. Audiences will take away how even as part of a small team, they too can deliver bigger and better projects with a small and flexible set up.


Helping creatives and teams achieve big goals with less resources.

Target Audience

Artists, animators, illustrators, filmmakers, marketers

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. How small teams deliver on projects for franchises like Transformers, Star Wars and Halo
  2. The philosophies, culture and people needed to achieve on a larger scale
  3. The globalization of VFX and how small teams can benefit from it
  4. Which review and production tracking toolsets work best within pipelines to allow studios to undertake complex tasks with fewer people
  5. The keys to success for a small post studio in 2017