FITC Toronto 2017
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The search for ideas and how to be more creative.  Dominic is on a constant creative journey to discover innovative ideas and possibilities through all sorts of techniques he uses to get his brain outside of it’s everyday, humdrum thoughts.

Where do ideas come from? This talk is a fast paced journey through the many methods Dominic uses to find ideas. Experiments, improvisation, risk taking, short sightedness and mishearing are just some of the ways he’s found inspiration. From art for dogs, a car made of glass and taking children’s imaginations seriously, he’ll show how creativity can be found within the simplest of places.


Dominic will look at how a playful approach to creativity is seriously important and why not closing down ideas too early can lead to bigger and better things.

Target Audience

Those who want to be creative.

Five things audience members will learn

  1. Methods to be more creative
  2. How to get over creative block
  3. The importance of deadlines
  4. Improvisation techniques
  5. Looking back to find future innovations