Web Unleashed 2021

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Online privacy has become an ever-present, high-priority topic in the last few years. This can be felt through new data retention and disclosure laws coming into effect, as well as numerous headlines in the media covering everything from data breaches to the ethics of big data used in AI applications. It’s never been more important to stay well-informed about user privacy as a software developer, so where do you even start?

We’ll discuss the many facets and concerns of online privacy, how it relates to you both as a user and as a developer behind an online service, and what you need to know in order to protect the privacy of users in your day-to-day role of writing software. You’ll walk away with a new passion for how your software can protect rather than betray your fellow citizens.


Learn how to make the internet a much better place through protecting your fellow citizens’ online privacy.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. Why user privacy matters
  2. How privacy is relevant to online services
  3. An exploration of morality (what “should” we do?) vs. the law (what “must” we do?) when it comes to online privacy
  4. Helpful guidelines to follow to protect the privacy of your users when writing code and designing systems
  5. Resources for technical up-skilling of user privacy and security matters

Target Audience

Beginner to intermediate web developers, both on the backend and frontend, who want to help protect the online privacy rights of citizens worldwide.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

Web developers who have a foundational understanding of databases, big data, cookies and other tracking methods; as well as basic data security concepts such as encryption, authentication, and other defensive coding methods.