FITC Amsterdam 2012
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  • Amsterdam



Getting the curves just right

Every aspect of our universe hangs in a most delicate balance, the slightest shift in this balance can have drastic results. A tiny fractional modification of one number could make the difference between matter or no matter. Technology is developing faster than ever, apparently revolutionising every aspect of our lives – including how we design, perform and create artworks. But are things really that different today compared to a few hundred years ago? Memo discusses the importance of these issues in his work. He presents a number of his projects as case studies: interactive installations, music videos, live performances, opera, street dance – all in a wide variety of mediums, but have in common an underlying theme: exploring new ways of creating and performing visual and sonic art to maintain a realtime connection to the creation process, allowing finer control over the shaping of the outcome. He discusses inspiration and motivation behind the works, as well as the processes; the balance between design, research, foresight and experimentation – and more specifically: the act of sculpting with code – yet even more specifically: the recursive act of sculpting instruments with code for further sculpting …