Spotlight: JAMstack
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Static sites have made a comeback as of late. This “return to simplicity’ is unsurprising given the current complexity of websites and applications that make maintenance quite the nightmare. Regardless, static sites today are a far cry from their older counterparts. Static sites circa early 2000s consisted of static markup with some CSS thrown in for flavour.

Today, static sites are much more dynamic and are a healthy mix of JavaScript, APIs and Markup, aka JAM. They are capable of more complex behaviour like processing payments and making authentication requests that are traditionally associated with back-end server logic. In this talk, let’s dive into the wonderful world of the JAMstack and how we can harness it to make faster, more secure websites and applications.


JAMstack sites are more than just static, let’s explore how to add dynamic elements to our sites without sacrificing the benefits of being static.

Target Audience

Web developers focused on the front-end

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. API ecosystem
  2. Headless CMS
  3. Pre-rendering/Build processes
  4. Event triggered functions/web hooks
  5. The power and flexibility of Git