FITC Toronto 2012

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Note that this workshop is offered on the pre-event workshop day on April 22nd and therefore is only available to those who have ‘The Works’ or the ‘Workshop’ ticket.

openFrameworks is a C++ toolkit designed by a global community of media artists, with an emphasis on real time interaction. openFrameworks provides tools for accessing and connecting different types of devices, software, hardware, and media. openFrameworks has been used for everything from crowd-scale interactive installations, to live visuals, generative music, and conceptual art.

This workshop will get you started writing code in openFrameworks, and acquainted with the ideas and community behind it. We’ll have some high-level discussion of how various real-world projects have been built, and lower-level explanations of how to use and adapt the libraries wrapped by openFrameworks. We’ll explore the different contributed add-ons available for openFrameworks, with an emphasis on computer vision and generative/procedural visuals.


  • Participants must have basic experience programming, but not necessarily in C++.
  • You understand the difference between: for loops and while loops; functions, variables, and objects; floats, ints, and arrays.
  • You don’t need to know the difference between: pointers and references, or methods and functions.
  • Before the workshop you must download and explore the latest version of openFrameworks on a laptop that you bring to the class. Download the latest release from and follow setup instructions at

Computer Policy:
To keep prices this low, this workshop is bring-your-own-laptop.