FITC Tokyo 2016

2016-02-13 00:00:00 2016-02-15 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Tokyo 2016 Now in its seventh year, FITC Tokyo 2016 consists of presentations from some of the most interesting and engaging digital creators from all around the world. Tokyo FITC JST Tokyo








  1. 新しいアイデアを積極的に受け入れ、それらを組み合わせてコラボレーションを行う
  2. 自然/科学の法則や原理にアート/デザインのアイデアを見い出す
  3. 自然/科学の原理をアート/デザインに活用する
  4. 実装とコラボレーションを実現するネットワークの構築
  5. 他の人にインスピレーションを与え、次の世代

 Integration of Art and Science

To make a breakthrough in art, science, or even in our daily lives and work, we need to break free and open our minds to a completely new world. The inspiration can be found all around us. For example, the timeless laws and principles of nature and science can be utilized in art and design. In order to create something truly new and beautiful, we should not be afraid to combine ideas that seem completely different like art and science. In the speech, I would like to show examples of my ongoing projects and how the ideas are integrated. I also hope that new collaborations will emerge from the sessions.


Opening up our minds, finding new ideas in nature and science, and utilizing them in art and design.

Target Audience

Thinkers, doers, idea-generators:Artists, designers, scientists, engineers, teachers, business owners

Five things audience members will learn

  1. Opening our minds to new ideas, combining them, and collaborating
  2. Finding art/design ideas in natural/scientific laws and principles
  3. Utilizing natural/scientific principles in art/design
  4. Creating networks that enable implementation and collaboration
  5. Inspiring others and teaching the next generation