Spotlight Design Ethics

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As the battle of truth, authenticity and narrative clash against the rising tide of misinformation, disinformation, and fake news, matters of fact rarely become matters of concern. However, stories and the art of storytelling hold the greatest power in its ability to mediate the crisis of characterizing truth over fiction. As designers, we can wield this double-edged sword to manipulate audiences to hear what we want them to hear or communicate honest narratives that can educate – the choice is ours.

As ‘Generation Z’ become the influencers and authors of a history that is yet to be written, how do the lessons of the past inform our understanding of today’s realities? How do we tell stories in a digital world in a way that is both engaging and authentic that will reach Generation ‘Swipe and Skim’? It’s a tall order, but with some ingenuity and a bit of internal struggle, that needle can be threaded with thoughtful decision-making. Our world is in desperate need of champions of honest, innovative storytelling to combat the sea of misinformation that constantly washes over us these days. How do you make creative decisions that push the boundaries, while maintaining a balance with an educational mandate to reveal truths?


To reveal the inner struggle of creating authentic, honest stories and the battles that must be waged to reveal truth to your audience.

Target Audience

Educators, storytellers, designers, placemakers, and truth authenticators

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. How misinformation, disinformation, and fake news erodes the ethics of truth
  2. The efficacy of digital content as a communication vehicle for a postmodern world
  3. How a holistic design approach focused on innovation and authenticity will produce meaningful and memorable engagements for your audience
  4. Reframing the institutional bricks and mortar context of education and ethics using a seamless combination of technology and content
  5. Examples of ethically making practical and creative decisions during the process of creating a story