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FITC Toronto 2008
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The AVM2 is fast. Granted. But the ActionScript compiler is sometimes wired.

Now what if you could make full use of the AVM2 by writing bytecode manually? If you could still debug your application while you are doing that and what if all that would be possible using proper ActionScript 3 syntax?

This sounds like inline assembler … and guess what? It is! In this session I will show a technique to write real bytecode using ActionScript 3 and a self made compiler.

We will take a look at the performance increase in various scenarios and how that fits into projects like Papervision3D.


This is a low level session for people who already know ActionScript 3 and have a good understanding of it. You do not have to know about assembler or anything else. Although beginners could get lost.


You will be able to write code which runs faster than the “simple” stuff everyone else is doing. We will also dig deep into the behaviour of ActionScript and the ActionScript compiler. Even if you hate assembler syntax you will probably learn a lot.