FITC Mobile 2009

2009-09-13 00:00:00 2009-09-15 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Mobile 2009 Jam packed with information as well as a massive networking opportunity, FITC Mobile 2009 consists of presentations, demonstrations, and panel discussions, and is one of the only events in the world covering all aspects of mobile content. With some of the most interesting and engaging… Toronto FITC Toronto



Why does the end user need to engage with your application at any given time in any given place? Answering this question will ultimately lead to successful mobile applications being developed that captivate the users. This presentation will answer half of that question, looking at engaging users in the location they are in, wherever that may happen to be.

Armed only with a latitude, longitude and altitude, we’ll use that information to create store locators, tag photos and video with their geographic location, help users find their way, display content of interest based on the users’ location, and more!

Jam-packed into an hour, this presentation will discuss incorporating GPS and mapping data into your application across multiple platforms. Covering topics such as including store locators, geo-coding (and reverse geo-coding), and including both static and dynamic maps into your applications. We’ll look at incorporating a digital compass into your maps apps. James will show you how to include this mapping information into both a native application as well as a mobile browser application. We’ll also talk about where to get your data, including alternatives to using Google map data.

Audience: Technical Developers
Secondary Audience: Non technical people who would like to know more about mapping

Leave this session knowing where you’re going.