Web Unleashed 2022

2022-10-24 00:00:00 2022-10-27 00:00:00 America/Toronto Web Unleashed 2022 Drive your career to the forefront by learning the latest tools, techniques and technologies in front-end web development. Online FITC EDT Online



Most developers have heard the terms Jamstack and Headless by now. In this talk, we want to show you how they actually improve your website performance. It’s time to stop using the traditional monolithic services and start taking advantage of APIs to connect with them instead. There is a large world of APIs, microservices, and plugins that can be used easily with your Headless website. Let’s look at some of the best and how they can boost your website’s UX, SEO, and performance.

We will review important terms, technologies, and examples of Headless websites. Then we can take a look at a real example of moving a website from a monolithic service to Headless.


Learn about Headless Architecture and how it can boost Web Performance for your sites.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. Learn what Headless architecture and decoupled services are
  2. How APIs work with Headless websites.
  3. The performance advantages from Jamstack and serving sites statically.
  4. The options you have with front-end tools, Headless CMSs, and Site Generators.
  5. The gains in user experience and SEO you can expect

Target Audience

Front-End Developers.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

Basic HTML & Javascript Knowledge. Concepts for deploying websites. Experience using a framework like React, Vue, or Angular would be great.