Web Unleashed 2014
Web Dev
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Google has been contributing to Apache Cordova for 2 years now to help make hybrid application development better. The Chrome team believes that the future of web of mobile is bright, and the Cordova team’s mission has been to make that future available now. Join Michal Mocny┬áto see some of the big changes to Cordova, learn why they decided to target Chrome Apps for Mobile, and see just how awesome your mobile app development workflow can be.


To convince you that hybrid mobile apps are awesome.

Target Audience

Android and iOS devs who love the web.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

Web Dev (HTML, JS).

Five things audience members will learn

  1. What are Chrome Apps?
  2. Android WebView is no longer a problem
  3. Hybrid app workflow is awesome
  4. SDK-less app development
  5. Few cool chrome plugins available for Cordova