Spotlight: React 2018
Web Dev
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The success of a web application relies on an interdisciplinary team. Though each team member is not writing code, improved visibility of how code is organized and implemented makes collaborating easier across the board.

This is where component libraries come in. These libraries act as living documentation for the components of your application. Leveraging these as a resource for your design and UX teams and a jumping off point for new feature design can expedite development and reduce duplication of work. Moreover, the visual nature of these systems is a great tool to communicate potential easy wins to product managers and clients.


To provide an overview of technical strategies for developing reusable and self documenting component libraries

Target Audience

Intermediate web application developers with knowledge of React.js or a comparable from-end framework

Assumed Audience Knowledge

Familiarity with a front-end web framework



Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. What is a component library
  2. Component libraries as a communication tool
  3. Tips for developing reusable libraries
  4. CSS in component libraries
  5. Documentation in component libraries