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InteraXon is bringing wearable technology and EEG – technology until only recently available in medical labs – to the consumer space with Muse: a flexible light 6 sensor brain sensing headband and software platform.

Peek underneath the hood of a brain-sensing device like Muse, and you’ll find an innovate process for evaluating, validating and executing user experience into the product design.

In this talk InteraXon CPO and co-founder Trevor Coleman will discuss how his company’s technology is also changing (and challenging) UX and product design conventions. Why this is mission critical to address consumer needs; and how this builds a superior quality product in a still emerging market.

When you’re creating the future of technology you can’t work using outdated methodologies. Peek underneath the hood of Muse, and you’ll find not just the next generation of user interfaces but a cutting edge approach to determining what that exactly is.