Web Unleashed 2018

2018-10-01 00:00:00 2018-10-03 00:00:00 America/Toronto Web Unleashed 2018 Drive your career to the forefront by learning the latest tools, techniques and technologies in front-end web development. Toronto FITC Toronto


The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning fields are incredibly vast, but only going to grow bigger. Right now, the majority of individuals in the field are not Javascript developers, but rather Python and other high-level programming languages. This talk aims to show people an entry point into writing and using AI/ML in the browser using some newer technologies, and how these powerful tools can be harness to help with development, accessibility, personalization, and interactivity on the web.

Specific technologies discussed: brain.js, tensorflow.js


To bring AI/ML to the masses, and encourage users to use this tech in their projects.

Target Audience

Everyone – This would make more sense if you have prior JS experience, but not a lot.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. What is ML
  2. What are Deep learning and Neural Networks
  3. What are regression and classification models
  4. How to create regression and classification models in JS
  5. What JS frameworks are available, and how to do I get started