Join us for this free 45-minute ONLINE presentation at 1:00 p.m. EST with

Nick DenBoer
Video Artist, Smearballs

Followed by a Q&A session

In this presentation, Nick denBoer will share his experience in adapting his weird and unconventional artistic process to the commercial world. Nick will give a behind the scenes look into his projects including the most recent music video Pomegranate which he directed and animated for deadmau5 & The Neptunes, along with other commercial projects for KFC, Old Spice and more. Nick is a strong believer in leaving room for the creative process within the timelines of software applications in a world where all the fun stuff is usually done beforehand in pitch decks and storyboards. He will demonstrate his workflow and show how he leaves room for improvisation throughout the entirety of production. He will show how leaving room for experimentation in commercial post production can lead to better work and faster turnarounds than the traditional workflow of planning every detail before execution. Nick also creates a huge amount of experimental personal work, short films and other weirdness. He’ll talk about the importance of leaving time for the fun stuff and how to use personal work to drive the direction of your career.

Things you’ll learn

  • How to use your personal work to drive your commercial career
  • How to encourage clients to take risks and leave room for experimentation by letting them in on your creative process
  • The importance of being transformative when remixing content
  • Software automation – why it’s more important now than ever to learn new skills and stay ahead of the curve
  • Tips on working with insane deadlines

Target Audience

Pretty much anyone, but especially people interested in adapting their creative process to the commercial world. People interested in 3D animation, video remix and weird imagery will probably get the most out of this.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

No prerequisite, but a basic interest and understanding of freelancing and working in the creative commercial world will be relevant.